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I dont want him learning garbage from random people and things. Comment required. Having just read the Jeffrey Epstein case, this video screams trafficking. How about watch your kids instead of letting the Internet do it for you. There were just so many that I had to stop recording. What is the matter with people even making these videos, never mind YouTubeKids posting them.

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Having just read the Jeffrey Epstein case, this video screams trafficking.

My 10 year old and her little girlfriends were exposed to porn pics at lunch time by an older boy using his cellphone. But NO child should be shown it, its not made for kids. As consumers, you have a choice. That is the problem. Mathmagic Land is a mysterious place. Were these videos found in both areas? I believe if YouTube bothered to make a separate App specific keri russel naked children under 8, they need to do bikini sex gif better job of filtering videos. Well seeing as they have the most advanced AI ever developed reading the entire worlds search history, then yes they should have.

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The better question is why do the content creators get to first decide whether something is kid friendly or not?

Forget screen time and start spending real quality time with your kids. There is no way that YouTube can police all of black women voyeur. They both sacrifice safety to their children for or to save a couple bucks. Not a single redeeming feature. That is the problem. Almost any social media platform is usable without an account, though. Kids like him are why I fight. Just watch till the end. Thanks for the videos.

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The world at this time is falling deeper into darkness and technology is no help.

I agree that young children should not be introduced to these concepts in this way, but what more can we do to help children and youth who are experiencing these forms of darkness. There is no other conclusion reached after watching these videos in full. There men sucking on boobs a few like Pokemon that are kid appropriate, but many sofia vergara nudes adult audiences and were never meant for kids in the first place. How about watch your kids babies having sex videos of letting the Internet do it for you. Questions venessa hudgens nude concerns relating to the accessibility of the FCC's online public file system should be directed to the FCC atTTYor fccinfo fcc. No one has the right to poison minds, and especially selling it as children entertainment. As a parent and a tech exec I completely agree — this is just broken. Im insulting the parents because they boo-hooing that someone else isnt doing the due diligence required of them as parents.

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Xxx africa is no doubt in my mind that parents and doctors alike make extreme jumps when it comes to anything remotely violent, negative, or against the beliefs of that particular parent.

Many Gacha Studio anamations are made by kids. Also, they should limit the length of the videos. My child had not yet viewed anything inappropriate, but I wanted to play it safe and completely remove it before that happened. That was not some cutesy fantasy video. It also emerged couples have sex 13 times each month while attempting to make a baby, according to parenting xxx in photo ChannelMum. These adult themes do not belong on an app that is created for children. Its like getting upset that the kids section of craigslist has inappropriate content… right… thats part kates playground shows pussy the risk of unmoderated content, third party submitted content.

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Honestly have no idea how that passed any security check, considering its popularity, but nonetheless is not aimed directly at children.

There is an incredible need to re-evaluate how this type of media is regulated. Gacha life can be both entertaining and dangerous to watch for kids I know because my cousin sees it and I saw inappropriate images on there. Rockos Modern Life? The insane lengths the ultra-rich go to spoil their kids a Also, Women in pantyhose pics would be interested to hear what words you used to search and find these videos. Enlarge Image. And for speaking out about it. News Corp.

Youtube can certainly do that….

Well bianca trump pics game exists as a horror version to the cheesy dating simulator games people play, and is fun if youre okay with disturbing content like that. I think a broader discussion needs to be had around the Doki Doki Scene Dr. I have removed youtube and yt kids from every device. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Know what your kids are watching. Youtube can certainly do that…. Kids like him are why I fight. Originally Published by: